Replica of Michael Jackson's Grammy Awards Glove.

This is the glove Michael Jackson wore on stage while performing Billie Jean.  Some people refer to this as his Billie Jean Glove.


This glove sparkles like no other!  It's even more brilliant than the white gloves!


There are over 900 Aurora Borealis Swarovski crystals in three sizes that  have been individually sewn onto the glove with double thread.

The video doesn't capture the brilliance of the crystals or the rainbow of colors. Simply Stunning in person!  Extra Large Clasp Closure.


Elastic inside the wrist band, large hook n eye closure and my signature label.





Please Email me for more information on purchasing a glove.


Below is a photo and video of the glove in it's new home


Click on Photo to Enlarge




Here is some feedback from the customer.......


Julieeeeee ,,, the glove loooooks awesome ,, and the name tag ooh I love the name tag ..
I can't wait to receive it :D :D

Thaaaaanks Julie million million thanks


Feedback from another customer

Miss Bill,

Awesome, this one is like a star picked from the Universe and made into an amazing glove,

unbelievable and STUNNING, I know what is bling but this beats it all !!!

Super happy you sew the stones with double yarn, will hold a life time.

Again another satisfied customer and friend :-),

Thank you mucho, xxx


Feedback from another customer

It looks Absolutely Super Julie. Ultra Amazing. U are an Artist!!! Can't wait to get my hands on it. I love it!!!


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