This glove was designed to resemble Michael Jackson's United We Stand Jacket.


Drawings by François Denis....  Glove made in L.O.V.E. by Jewels By Julie



Michael Jackson had a series of benefit concerts for the victims of the 911 attacks where he wore this jacket




The above photo is of the glove in it's new home



There are thousands Swarovski crystals in graduated sizes that  have been individually applied to the glove.


Elastic inside the wrist band along with my signature label.




This Michael Jackson Glove is Professional Quality and made in Love.

Perfect for Performers and Collectors!



Please Email me for more information on purchasing a glove.

Here is some feedback from the customer.......


Thanks Julie for the pics! You have done a great job! Really!!!! It's
simply amazing!!!!!! ;-)  He is beautifull!!!!


Dear Julie,
Thank you so much for the wonderful work! It look great into my collection! :-)
Have a great day,
Sincerely yours,

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