(The photo on the right shows Tim Milan Proudly wearing my custom made glove)


Replica of Michael Jackson's Basic White Glove.


This Michael Jackson Glove is Performance Quality and perfect for Entertainers and Collectors!

The gloves are made in Love paying strict attention to details.


There are over 1300 Genuine Swarovski crystals which have been individually sewn onto the glove.

The video doesn't capture the brilliance of the crystals. Simply Stunning in person! New Hook n Eye Closure, elastic inside wrist for more support.



$550 Extra-Large Glove

Children's Gloves available upon request



June 8th edition of the New Yorker magazine featuring my glove!

Escape From New York is a fictional story about Michael Jackson, Elizabeth and his brother Marlon.

I am honored to have one of my gloves in the magazine!



Please Email me for more information on purchasing a glove.





Replica Michael Jackson glove I made on request for T-SPOON

T-SPOON used it for their photo shoot which took place at the Mediapark in The Netherlands.


Here is some feedback from the customer's.......



shining like a star, like diamonds, it really really looks like the one I held in my hand in Montreal, one on one!!!!
thank you so much for this, I will cherish it for life, awesome job and very very well done
one size stones, just like his, really it is amazing and just like the original!



guess oh guess what I have in my hand,
it is white and shines like I'm in wonderland
guess oh guess what is shining bright
it doesn't even matter if I held the glove into the light
(melody of Snow White :-))

awesome JB


Feedback from other Customer.......


I've just received the white glove, and it looks marvelous!
thank you so much
it was worth waiting
As you promised me, it shines everywhere
My mum and her friends are admiring it!

Michael would have been proud of your work


OMG! That looks amazing!!! Thank You. It's a dream come true really.


WhooooSaaaa! I got it......FYI I Love It!!!


Feedback from other Customer.......


The glove arrived today, and I cannot tell you how very impressed, and how extremely happy

I am with your work.

I made certain to open the package while standing outside in full sunlight, and the second the glove was freed

from its protective wrapping and exposed to the light... it became positively blinding. The crystals are absolutely beautiful, and reflect even

the smallest amount of light into an amazing array of radiant colors which can hardly be expressed in words. The crystals are expertly placed

over the entire glove, and really make you feel as if your hand is ablaze with the finest faceted diamonds. One must see the glove in person to

truly understand how gorgeous it is.

I think it is the finest replica that can be purchased. The crafting of the glove, and the attention to detail in its fabrication are simply

stunning, and make this glove worth every penny of its price. The fit is fantastic, and clearly you are both a master seamstress as well

as a master artisan.   That said, this glove is no less than a work of art, and would no doubt have been up to the standards of Michael, himself.

Excellent, excellent work, Julie.


I would gladly encourage anyone seeking a glove of this type to go to you without question or hesitation of any kind.

You are quite simply the best!



Brandon Wayne Harrell of "I Am Me" Dance Crew wearing my replica white glove


This was my friends event! Quest crew from America's Best Dance Crew season 3 champions. Their Anniversary party!

There's a video of me showing off the glove! I'm waiting for it to come out!


Hey its here!!! It looks amazing! and it fits perfectly. Great Job! Cant wait to get the Black one!


Please Email me for more information on purchasing a glove.


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